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Montford Watch Company Ltd.

Hard to believe it's here but it is.  And it's because of many, many late nights of hard work, dedication and focus.

In less than a year, Montford has gone from an idea over dinner to the beginnings of a watch company where literally every aspect of the business has been built from the ground up by myself.  I found I couldn't spare the time in one block to do something meaningful or give enough back so I aimed to do that through a business where you can effectively buy the time to make a difference.  The plan was simple.  Produce watches that are themed with charities which, when the watches are sold, generate a meaningful donation to the charity they're themed with.  The company had to be authentic, the watches had to be high quality, the donations had to be meaningful and the customers had to be provided with an excellent value timepiece and an excellent experience.

From the moment I first sat at my desk in the spare room of my house, I hit the task list hard: learning to use design software, then actually design watches, brand a company, set up a company, discover the world of EORI numbers, learn about trademarks, find a manufacturing partner who can hand assemble a specifically designed product to the right quality, find packaging solutions, speak to charities, strike up partnerships and build relationships, agree contracts, build a website, set up emails and domains, get the hang of social media, overthink watch straps, set up payment processes, learn about GDPR and privacy rules and shipping and banking... the list goes on. 

I started with zero experience across 90% of what was required and I already had busy work and family commitments.

It's been relentless and full on.

Have I got it all right?  Probably not.  But the watches really are excellent and the donations are definitely meaningful.  Before the Rubus was even up for sale, one raised £1,100 for Tusk despite my abysmal sales pitch at the live auction - add sales pitches to the list of things to learn!

There have been ups and downs, set backs and step forwards but the two clear things in my mind which help keep me going are the idea of something I can be proud of achieving at the end of it and the good that can come of it.

Was it worth it?  Well, if that first auction was anything to go by, then yes. 100%.


On the course of this journey, I've met some inspiring people (Google the Blue Tusk guys who are rowing across the Atlantic!) and even though the work to get this thing up and running has been largely all mine; I have of course, had some support & would like to thank in no particular order:

  • Dan, Susie, Anna, Charlie & everyone at Tusk - for saying yes & giving me the opportunity.

  • Celia - for her patience whilst dealing with a novice.

  • Mark across the road - for letting me sample his larger than average wrists, providing sage advice & being positivity personified!  It's the little things that make a difference.

  • Mac - for being the main man to bounce ideas off.

  • JJ - for the pro tips and first pics.

  • Nat - for the pro pics.

  • Amy - for everything, always.

  • R & C - for helping me focus on what actually matters.

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