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Time to make a difference

It's not always easy

It's not always easy to find the time to make a difference. But what if you could buy the time to make a difference?

What if it is?

From each watch sold, Montford Watch Company aims to donate generously to the charity or cause each watch is themed to.  Helping to make a difference.

Our first ever watch.

From an initial batch of just 100 pieces, the Montford Rubus is an automatic, hand assembled field watch, designed in Britain by the Montford Watch Company.  Each watch proudly supports Tusk and their conservation work in Africa by donating 44% of the sales price from each watch sold directly to the charity.

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Double-Quick Time

In less than a year, Montford Watch Company went from being the idea of someone who has no experience in horology to where it is today.


Read about my journey and a little of what it takes to set up a watch company from scratch here:

Proud to support

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